Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

Monday August 8, 2011 – Kawashaway @ Lammas Gathering

Next Two Circles

Sunday September 18, 2011 @ 3pm – Monkey's Party Room, Minneapolis
Sunday October 16, 2011 @ 3pm – E!'s condo, Minneapolis


Ehsea*, E!ureka*, Monkey*, Rocky*, Scooter*, Sidthe*, White Ash*, Wolf*

* indicates Steward (7/13=quorum)


  1. Construction
    1. Lumber arrived for a new dock and replacing the bog walk.
      1. Repurpose wood from bog walk for walks on Loon Lane
    2. Building occurred during Lammas.
  2. Ehsea gave financial report
  3. Cabin
    1. Was not torn down- behind schedule.
    2. Life, weather, and gas prices kept people off the land this year.
    3. Need to clean out the cabin and the shed.
      1. Stewards will discuss what is kept and what will go.
      2. Inventory will be assessed by White Ash, Rocky, and redwing Blackbird.
      3. A timeline needs to be done for the cabin.
        1. But perhaps we need a process and not a timeline. We’ve had timelines and they don’t seem to work.
      4. What will we do with mirrors and chalkboards?
    4. Need a tent storage space
      1. Bring out a carport and tarp it.
    5. Using woodstove from teahouse in the screen house during autumn months.
    6. The Land Purchase Committee was turned into the Cabin Committee or the Razed and Raised Committee.
      1. Members – Rocky, Scooter, Princess Buttercup, E!, White Ash, Monkey
    7. Future plans.
      1. What kind of building do we want?
        1. Yurt replacement- cheaper now than in the past.
        2. Permaculture model.
          1. Tear down the cabin and see what we miss about the cabin and then decide what to build based off our needs instead of assuming our needs.
  4. Shack-toe (or whatever)
    1. Needs trims.
    2. Ramp is not happening.
    3. Needs ladders
    4. How are we spelling this?
  5. Discussed Smoking Tobacco on the land
    1. Decided that we know when and where to smoke.
  6. Land seems off the market
    1. We could use land purchase money for other reasons- we told people while fundraising that the money would be used for other projects too.
  7. Fundraising
    1. Need a call for annual donations.
  8. Veggie Oil Bus
    1. Wetdirt brought up and supported by many others
    2. Transportation issues could be solved.
    3. Dress it up and have fun
    4. Do outreach.
    5. Others mentioned
      1. Liability
      2. Insurance
      3. Storage
      4. Ownership
    6. Interest group formed
      1. Gypsy, Monkey, wetdirt, Tallgrass, Redwing
  9. Tally Sheet
    1. Process for handling money
    2. A form for two faeries to count money and be accountable.
      1. 3-5 days to get money to Ehsea.
    3. Salamander and Wolf will draft this --- if Wolf does not want to Quill will replace him.
  10. Outreach/ The Call
    1. The call is how we tell people about rules – yet we haven’t had a call.
  11. Arriving on Land
    1. New people ring this bell and someone will come get you and show you the land.
    2. Information and Signage.
    3. Greeter role.
  12. Community Circles
    1. Stewards should email the list saying whether or not they will be able to make the Circle
      1. Emails confirming participation causes people to want to go...
    2. Wetdirt will call every Steward to remind them. Give Wetdirt your number if you are a steward.
    3. Next Circle
      1. September 18th- Twin Cities at 3- Monkey’s Party room.
      2. October 16- Twin Cities- E!’s condo- need to talk to Duluth people and make sure this is okay.
    4. Hinckley does not work- let’s not meet there anymore.
    5. October 8th and 9th- Woodcutter’s Ball.

Action Items

Action Faerie Accountable Due Date
Schedule Razed and Raised circle (repurposing of Land Purchase Gals) WA August
Research Veggie Oil bus Gypsy, Monkey, wEtDiRt, Tallgrass, Redwing August
Tally Sheet Salamander, Wolf, Quill August
Process for Stews to public ally rsvp to Community Circles wEtDiRt August


Submitted by Quill Mason