Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

Sunday September 18, 2011 – Monkey's, Minneapolis

Next Two Circles

Sunday October 16, 2011 – Minneapolis – E!'s
Tuesday November 15, 2011 – Minneapolis – Braeburn's studio


Snake*, Gryffen, Braeburn Blue*, E!*, wEtDiRt*, Wolf*, Oni*, Rocky*, Zwei Ursin, Sidthe*, Monkey*

* indicates Steward (9/14=quorum reached)



Odd Month's Tuesdays
Even Month's Sundays

Genderf*kation fundraiser Thurs 6 October

  • Genderf*kation screening at Patrick’s Cabaret on Thurs 6 Oct which is a fundraiser for us!!
  • http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=257704387582925
    Most important ~ please everyone promote this in your own ways to your own people:
    • RSVP on Facebook
    • Share via personal Facebook profile page
    • email, phone calls, talk it up, etc.
  • We could use some more volunteers to help with the house ~ contact White Ash
  • Rad faes are invited to participate in a Q&A afterwards with the cast ~ who’d like to represent faeries on the panel?
  • Faerie drag opportunity!!
  • White Ash/Sidthe are the money faeries.


  • Bog Walk was discussed.
  • Please take the painted Canvas labyrinth back to the cities for the winter please!!!
  • Cabin needs new door.
  • Braeburn will Cook Saturday.   WA is going to take care of the other days (except for meat) if he has a ride up and back.
  • From the Land Ladies:
    • Take inventory of tool shed
    • Make a list of faeries past for Pink Pages
    • Photos for items not on Cabin inventory list; archival pictures of Cabin

Land Ladies

Next Circle ~ Wed 26th October @ Rocky’s 7-9pm
*renaming ourselves

  • Land Purchase account = Land account
  • Land Purchase Girls = Land Ladies

* revisit budget / timeline

  • Bring these to the top of the list:
    • Bogwalks  & Swimming Docks
      • Might come down from $5,000
      • Tell Ehsea that comes from Land acct
    • Teardown Cabin 69
    • Cleanup
    • New Yurt / Gazebo / structures
  • Continue building Land Purchase nest egg ($10,000) ~ also serves as a rainy day fund
  • Redo budget to show actuals alongside (E!)
  • Preliminary suggestions re: buildings, land use, fundraising

* revisit pledge drive / campaign

    • Forward to next time
    • Perhaps change to specific  events / fundraisers


    25th-ish  Silver Jubilee.  Phoenix has great ideas made.  Planning group

    Death Mid-Wife

    From Kiva:   During Gathering a few of us were discussing the desire for options other than cremation for placing the departed on the island.  Some may have objections to cremation due to religious beliefs or environment concerns.  Anyway, a few days after Gathering I had the chance to meet a women named Jude who builds wooden caskets as a family tradition. (Her Grandfather was a casket maker).  Jude also conducts workshops, sometimes in collaboration with a friend who is a death midwife, on the practical and legal aspects of how the family can handle all the funeral and burial arrangements.  In Minnesota, embalming and a funeral home is not required, the body can be kept at home for a period of three days and burials can take place on private property.  If this is of interest to our community, Jude would be happy to conduct a workshop with us.


    Rocky/Scooter got new canoe paddles and various things. 

    Editing/Producing the Fall 2012 RFD issue

    Let's Do it!  Silver Jubilee Balls??   what are we doing for it?  How many pages etc?  What/who is being contributed?  ---Phoenix

    • Klick has agreed to post-Faeries book pix.
    • Braeburn has agreed to art made on the land.
    • Could dovetail nicely with archival project.

    Archive Weekend

    [from WA via the ethers] White Ash has talked with Scooter, Rocky & Phoenix about having a weekend at Scooter’s parents’ cabin to pull together pictures, artifacts, etc. throughout the history of our community.  His vision is that we have a table/area for each year & items could be moved around to the best of our recollections.  This would dovetail nicely with our upcoming Silver Jubilee and especially our RFD issue.  Digitization could happen.  Quill is a resource.

    Financial Report

    Ehsea provided financial report.

    Submitted by Monkey Butt (& White Ash Ass who couldn't help but embellish)