Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

Sunday October 16, 2011 – E!s, Minneapolis

Next Two Circles

Tuesday November 15, 2011 – Braeburn's studio, Northrop King Building. Studio 265, second floor. 1500 Jackson Street NE, 55413. From Broadway @ central go north 1 light to 14th, left 1 block, right onto (next to PPL store). Enter thru two wood doors, not the door with the canopy. There is an elevator. 612-644-1220 if you get lost.

2) Unknown - Aren't we due for a Duluth circle in ? Even months are planned to be on Saturday.


Augury, Braeburn Blue*, E!ureka*, Snake*

* indicates Steward (3/14= no quorum)



Genderf*ckation went well, standing room only. Probably 80 or so people. Don't know how the $$ went. Sidthe and WA were the stews for the monez.


Lots of good work got done. Bog walk is done! More of the cabin got cleaned out. Reports of fabulousness (and photos) are on NWRadFaes e-list.

The circle reaffirms that all who come to the land to help are welcome and have energy and gifts to contribute.

Thanks to Tilly for taking the garbage. Savers took the donations.

Land Ladies

Next Circle ~ Wed 26th October @ Rocky’s 7-9pm

Editing/Producing the Fall 2012 RFD issue

Here's what's posted to the FB page:

RFD Fall Issue of 2012 Info

What commitments and ideas we have so far:

Poem by Two Bears A Piece about NAMES and a poem by Sky Photos by Click Eikon: faes on East Coast and Midwest Photo Collages by Phoenix "Kawashaway impressions, or something like that" vignette by Quill Art work by Braeburn Blue Teddy Bear has offered to help Phoenix has offered to co-lead the RFD Divas

We need people who are interested in:

Interviewing Faeries who were at the first gathering in WI and first gathering at KaSa Transcribing and editing the interviews Doing a fun timeline after the archiving project is done Someone to write about spirit gathering Someone to compile or write about Kawashaway traditions, land and values Erotic art submissions, creative stuff and so on

Submission info

Electronic media specifications: MS Word, Doc, Rich Text (RTF) or simple text Images should be high resolution (minimum one mega-byte 1MB in TIFF or JPG


Suggested length is 500 to 2,500 words. If you intentionally change the spelling of a word, say so, otherwise RFD will edit the work. Contributors get a free copy of the issue.


Black and White Drawings are preferred and should be scanned at 1200dpi Photos can be in color. (they may be cropped to fit the page) Erotic art is welcomed and appreciated Original art work should be scanned at 300 dpi or higher.


RFD's due date is July 20, 2012. We will have little deadlines to make sure we have enough stuff.

Faenix is the contact/lead on this.

Heart Circle

Do we want to pause? Do it quarterly? Ready to revisit ~ Nov 15th Agenda item. Augury will host the November Heart Circle, 7pm Friday, November 4th. Snake will try and do a Survey Monkey.

Financial Report

no report

Forward to Next Circle

  • Schedule Community Circles at least 2 months out, if not through Lammas 2012
  • Archive Weekend

Submitted by E! in no time flat