Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

Tuesday November 15, 2011 – Braeburn's Studio, Minneapolis

Next Two Circles

Tuesday Jan 17, 2012 7-9pm – Minneapolis – White Ash's
Sunday Feb 19, 2012 – Annual Circle, Minneapolis – tbd


Braeburn Blue*, Oni*, Phoenix, Rocky*, Snake*, White Ash*, Salamander

* indicates Steward (5/14=quorum)

Braeburn warmed the cockles of our hearts with a fabulous spread.



Announced via proxy that he would like to be a Steward once again, now that she's back in the Cities.

Land Ladies

  • Reviewing Land Use plan
  • Fundraising ~ want to continue pledge drive ~ continue with Sanctuary projects and create a land purchase nest egg ~ if ever the land comes available
  • Putting together Jan event to re-energize pledge drive @ Roadkill's space
  • Bogwalk has been completed under budget :-)
  • Review 5-yr plan & projected budget
  • New pass through ~ Patrick's Cabaret
  • Created cabin tear down check list

Archive Weekend

House in Tretter collection once done?

Hold in April. Make it a retreat. White Ash has lead for place.


Several have contacted Phoenix

  • Klick
  • Beebalm
  • Braeburn
  • Husk / Quill
  • Sat
  • Teddy Bear
  • Two Bears
  • Grey Wolf (re: Daisy)

April 2012 check in to see where we are ~ they want in July or so.


White Ash expressed a deep desire that faeries align with Occupy (RFD to cover faeries involvement). His ideas include showing up at rallies & marches. Would be lovely to lead some powerful drumming & chanting. Join The Impact is specifically a queer-focused faction.

Pride / Lavendar

3 yrs since at Pride ~ do we want a presence? If a great idea & organized, then yes.

  • Occupy Pride
  • Talk w/ Bamm Bamm Pebbles re: his contact
  • Decorate umbrellas for Parade ~ "Get covered at Kawashaway" ~ bring back to space ~ recognizable, carried through to identify us. Something that pops.
  • Charge for nap in a tent / trysting tent

Lavendar ~ has new editor ~ seems more news-focused. Sterling went to school w/ her?

Contact Wanda re: 25th.

Schedule Community Circles at least 2 months out, if not through Lammas 2012

Duluth = Vi's?

generally alternate even months 3rd Sunday 3-5pm
with odd months 3rd Tuesday 7-9pm

No December Circle

Tues 17th Jan ~ White Ash's

Sun 19th Feb Annual Circle ~ ???

Tues 20th Mar

Sun 15th Apr

Tues 15th May

Sun 17th June

Tues 17th July in Cities

Aug @ Gathering

Financial Report

No report

Action Items

Action Faerie Accountable Due Date
Scope out cabin for Archive project WA Jan 2012
5-yr budget projection E! Jan 2012
Connect w/ Pride via BBP WA Jan 2012
Contact Wanda WA Jan 2012
Contact Sterling re: new Lavender editor WA Jan 2012
Is Vi's house available for Duluth Circles? ?? Jan 2012
Annual Circle daddilyzin ?? Jan 2012


Lovingly submitted by White Ash