Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

Tuesday January 17, 2012 – WA's place, Minneapolis

Next Two Circles

Sunday February 19, 2012 – Annual Circle, Minneapolis
Tuesday March 20, 2012 – Minneapolis – White Ash's


Ehsea*, Scooter*, Sidthe*, White Ash*

* indicates Steward (4/15=quorum)

Follow up on Action Items from Last Circle

Action Faerie Accountable Status
Scope out cabin for Archive project WA done
5-yr budget projection E! ?
Connect w/ Pride via BBP WA got contact info
Contact Wanda WA Sidthe contacted
Contact Sterling re: new Lavender editor WA got contact info
Is Vi's house available for Duluth Circles? ?? Mecca to ask
Annual Circle daddilyzin ??  


Annual Circle

  • Scheduled for Sunday 19 February
  • As far as we know, No One is organizing. We do not have place yet.
  • Would be nice to have subgroup meet before to focalize (Land Ladies?)
  • Skype with those not able to attend
  • Proposed agenda items:
    • Fun / connecting / spiritual stuff
    • Steward declarations & the "officers"
    • Retrospective of 2011
    • 2012
      • Silver Lammas and all events
      • Pledge Drive
      • Cabin tear down (discuss in March)

Archive Retreat

Pooling together our photos and memories of each year of our past as a community. White Ash has secured a large cabin (Jim McCarthy & Gloria Peterson [who host the Camel Party, for those of you who know that]) in Comstock, WI, which is 1.5 hours northeast of the Cities and 2 hours from Duluth.

  • There are two available dates: March 24 - 25 (which is close to our April target) and May 12 - 13. We decided to pursue the March dates. MARK YOUR CALENDARS NOW!!
  • Scooter suggested the he and an advance party of people could go up early to prepare
  • Provide 1 major meal a day & serve yourself breakfast (would be nice to have a kitchen diva)
  • Tretter archive?
  • Would be nice to have techno geek(s)
  • This retreat is going to be fun fun FUN!!!

RFD / Pride / Lavender

25th promo


  • Kawashaway contributing to Fall 2012 issue.
  • Announcement for inside back (2 issues out) and inside front (1 issue out) covers:
    • Pix from Klick.
    • Pull text from Faerie book? Inspiring language from Lammas & Spirit Gath Calls


  • If a great idea & organized, then yes.
  • Occupy Pride idea: convene with Join The Impact, Revolting Queers, etc.
  • Bamm Bamm Pebbles said: "Dot Belstler is the now the Executive Director with Twin Cities Pride. She's a very good individual who is trying to work with all the different facets of the community. Here is her email: dot.belstler@tcpride.org". Some One will need to take the lead on this if we are to pursue.


  • From Sterling: "In response to your last email, I ran into Andy Lien recently and spoke to her about putting something in lavender.  She pretty much told me "500 words and make sure its well written".  She is VERY open to the faes, (she sees Click's book on Maple's desk every day) and would be more than happy to publish something for us.
    Just contact her via the lavender email and tell her you are the White Ash that Aaron Schoon spoke to her about."
  • Writer names that came up: Two Bears ~ Tallgrasss ~ Sunflower ~ Sky
  • Wanda Wisdom ~ blog / podcast?

Cabin / Sanctuary

Send out cabin tear-down list. Now we have bogwalk which makes it easier.

Circle Notifications

White Ash is maintaining the website calendar which has Circle and Gathering information. If Some One wants to copy that information into the YahooGroup calendar listing & reminders, they are welcome to. Otherwise, those will have a link to the website calendar.

Circles in Duluth

Possibly March @ Vi's. Suggesting "Bouffet & Bouffant Community Circle".

Financial Report

Provided by Ehsea

  • 3-year CD to be rolled over (consensed by Stews via email)
  • Ehsea reimbursed Scooter for bogwalk expenditures
  • 30% from Spirit Gath to Land Account ~ same for Lammas?

Forward to Next Circle

  • Archive Retreat prep

Action Items

Action Faerie Accountable Due Date
Annual Circle ~ send out email announcement Scooter soon
Annual Circle ~ check w/ Otterly re: his place White Ash soon
Archive Retreat ~ confirm w/ Jim; inquire re: dogs White Ash Jan
Archive Retreat ~ send out announcement; get RSVP's White Ash Jan/Feb
Archive Retreat ~ check on Sterling's availability White Ash Feb
Send out cabin tear-down list from Land Ladies Scooter Jan/Feb
RFD Announcements ~ text redWing & Sidthe 25th Jan
Lavender ~ contact Maple Sidthe Jan
Research 30% net from Lammas to Land Account? White Ash Jan {answer is "yes"}
Check in w/ Mecca re: Vi's house White Ash Jan


Submitted by White Ash