Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

Sunday, February 19, 2012 – Minneapolis MN, Annual Circle @ E!'s Golden Girls Party Room

Next Two Circles

Tuesday March 20th, 2012, 7-9pm – White Ash’s -  Minneapolis

Sunday, April 15th, 2012, 3-5pm – Vi’s House - Duluth


Bam Bam Pebbles, Ehsea*, E!ureka*, Equus,  Lilly*, Lil' Hawk, Mantis, Morning Wood,  Rocky*, Scooter*, Snake*,Two Bears, TallGrass, Tumbleweed,   White Ash*, Wolf

* indicates Steward (6/15=quorum)

The potluck was awesome sauce, the décor touched our Southwestern kitsch nerves, and the Girls were in the room.


1) Stewards for 2012/2013, and “Officers”

Annual renewal of Stewards for Kawashaway:  –

  • Kiva (via email)
  • Oni (via Scooter & WA)
  • Scooter
  • White Ash
  • Lilly
  • Rocky
  • Eshea
  • Snake
  • Keepers of the Royal Nothing – Scooter and Oni
  • Keeper of the Royal Beads – Eshea
  • Keeper of the Royal Dish – White Ash and Snake is the back up SIDE DISH.

Reflections on 2011

Each year at the annual Circle we talk about our accomplishments for the year, talk about the gatherings and our community and what we need to improve upon for the coming year

  • Bogwalk Replacement – An amazing week of work happened in the fall of 2011 to replace the Bogwalk from the parking lot to the Land. We had one of the largest groups upon the land for work weekend in years.  All 240 feet of the walk was replaced and is COMPLETE!!.
  • A new swim Raft was built and new swim dock to replace the old one.
  • We have left over wood from the Bogwalk to replace smaller walks around the land in the coming year.
  • We had 2 Gatherings at the Land this Year – Lammas and Spirit Gathering
    • Lola and Trixie Repair
    • Food Issues/ Diva Issues
  • We had a Cabin Purge in preparation for Cabin take apart in 2012
  • We have continued to have Monthly Heart Circles at Snake’s House in Minneapolis, These will continue in 2012 on the First Friday of the Month.
  • May Day Parade and Booth
  • Fundraiser with GenerFukation
  • Snake had a Spring work weekend
  • We talked about the fact that not much spring prep work was done on the land this year – No one had been up to the land to “open” things up for the year.
  • We had a Faerie Marriage – Sky and Mecca
  • Lovely ritual @ Lammas for Hummingbird

Archival Retreat Weekend – 3/23 – 3/25 2012

WA is the Lead on this, We will be having a weekend retreat to get our Faerie History in order/together for the upcoming RFD that will celebrate 25 years of the North Woods Tribe of the Radical Faeries

  • digitizing photos
  • photographing objects
  • remembering what happend what year
  • Tretter files?

RFD Issue to Celebrate 25 Years of Kawashaway

Phoenix is the Lead on this project  - We discussed the project and the dates that are coming up for submission of Items to Us – check-in in April, all graphics and content submissions to Phoenix & White Ash are due 30 June 2012 RFD@Kawashaway.org (Use www.YouSendIt.com for large files).

  • Ad for the Faerie Book to go into the Issue – We have many copies of the Faerie book and discussed putting an ad out and getting an ordering process together for this. Some emails have gone out with additional information on Cost/ Etc – WE DO NOT have a Lead to take on this project – But Klick and RedWing do have cases of the books -
  • Silver Jubilee Ad comes out in RFD for the next two issues (preceding our Fall issue).
  • Get Out Info to organizations about the Faerie Book – TallGrass will be taking the lead on this piece of the project – Contacting Libraries and GLBT organizations about purchasing copies of the book.

MayDay 2012!!

We discussed continuing our tradition of Adopting a Block and Having a Booth in the Park for the coming MayDay celebration.

  • Snake will Host us at his house before hand again this year
  • Sidthe and/or Redwing are you taking the lead with contacting the Parade folks and the Park Booth?
  • Equus discussed being our Art Director for Items to give away in the park, and items to make etc. –
  • WA volunteered to woman the Booth in the Park again
  • We discussed needing to locate the Tent and Stakes and get our items in Order for the booth in the park – WERE IS THE TENT?
  • Snake stated that he has a GIANT #2 and a GIANT #5 in silver that we could use, they are 8 feet tall each(Hands off Faerie sisters, Lilly spoke up and said that she will be wearing them for Lammas as earrings)

The P Word 2012

We discussed participation in the P word for 2012 – IF we are going to participate in the Park and/or Parade someone needs to take the lead on this VERY SOON. The price for participation goes up each month. It was discussed that IF we are going to do this we need the following:

  • A lead Contact Person
  • A plan we groove to
  • WE need to follow thru and get this done and plan early
  • Is there anyone that is interested in taking this on – Please speak up now – We will discuss again and make a decision at the Next Circle in March

Spirit Gathering 2012

9th Annual Spirit Gathering will take place July 1-6 2012

  • TallGrass stated he will call a Spirit Circle to start the planning & will do food

Lammas 2012 – Silver Lammas

Lammas Gathering 2012 will start the 1st Friday in August and go for 10 days

  • Lilly and Rocky volunteered to be the Pantry Diva’s
    • Lilly will contact Honnor about utilizing her for Eggs for the gathering
    • We discussed talking with Kiva about what he is able to grow for us for Lammas – We also discussed making sure he is paid for what we get from him
    • Staple items (Flour.rice.beans etc) to partner with the Spirit Folks to get items to the land
    • NoTurkey Turkey Dinner – Discussed not having Turkey this year, just all the fixen.
    • We will needs folks to transport items up to the Land Prior to Gathering.
    •  We will also be sending out the Menu via email to folks prior to gathering for you to be able to sign up to MOM a meal. 
  • With all of the Advertising that we are doing this year around the 25th celebration, we discussed that Gathering could be large this year. It will be VERY important for Folks to register early and to register in general.
  • Is anyone Interested in being the registrar????
  • Planning of an Opening Ritual for Gathering – Ideas and thoughts???
  • Clearing out the Fire Circle/ Cleaning Out the Tea House for Cabin Storage
  • We Will be taking the roof off of the Cabin at Gathering in preparation for the tear down of the cabin.
  • Discussed a New Mirror/Shaving/Message Wall – What will that look like?
  • Phoenix/WA/Redwing are working on the CALL – It will be ready by MayDay 2012
  • There will once again be a Disco at Gathering – This will be a BLOW THE ROOF OF THE MOFO – After the Roof comes off the Cabin – More Details to follow
  • Tent sight clean up/Trail maintenance is needed desperately
  • Orgy and or Poetry Orgy

Financial Report

A Financial Report was given by Eshea

  • Procedures around Money were also discussed. This was in regards to Fundraising events.  – The Official Policy was implemented in March of 2011 and is in the Circle Notes on the website and copied below.

For each major event, two Stewards are designated to count funds and sign tally sheet; one of those two Stewards gets funds to KORB within 3 business days, and she will then make the deposit within one week's time. When on the land, timeline begins on return from gathering.

  • It was discussed about if there is a Formal “tally” sheet for this process. It does not appear that one has been made. It has been completed by Lilly and is now available on the Pink Pages for Future Faerie events.
  • It was discussed that all monies that were owed to Kawashaway from the Faerie Ball  in the fall of 2010 have been repaid with interest.
  • 2012 Pledge Drive - We stayed on target in 2009-2010 with our fundraising goals. With Udaho not being available, 2010-2011 did not get much fundraising energy. The Land Ladies have put together a 5-year budget and timeline which include:
    • Nest egg for eventual land purchase or rainy day needs
    • Sauna
    • Shed
    • Storage
    • New sheltered gathering space in 2013
    More details, along with online payment options on our Land Account page. Thanks to all who have pledged and contributed!!

Forward to Next Circle

  • The P WORD Follow up-


Submitted by Lilly of the Valley of the Dolls aka Mr Lilly