Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

Tues March 20, 2012 – White Ash's, Minneapolis

Next Two Circles

Sun April 15, 2012 – Duluth – Vi's (2616 W 4th St)
Tues May 15, 2012 – tbd – Mpls?? – Lilly's??


Lilly*, White Ash*, Phoenix, wEtDiRt, Two Bears

* indicates Steward (2/9= quorum not reached)

We smudged and played a crystal singing bowl. We noshed on bean dip, peanut butter and fudge mint cookies, and egg malties.


Archival Retreat Weekend

  • what is the goal ~
    • have a timeline
    • centralized text & graphics (photos)
    • electronic copy of some things
    • RFD text / picture submission possibilities
    • Possibly prep items for Tretter Foundation ~ they take exquisite care
  • how doing it?
    • Tumblr nice, but it is in the cloud
    • WordPress?
  • privacy
    • Some may not want images of / recounts of what happened at Gatherings to be public knowledge. However, nice to have it written down and accessible to members of the community, including new ones.
    • Of all the stuff out on the Internet, is someone really going to notice our archives?
    • CiviCRM will help keep this within our community (login capabilities) on our website (not Google-like server).
    • Integrate listserve (similar to our YahooGroup) so that it's on our server, and we own it.
    • If you want access to our website, etc. we need your contact info; you might sign an agreement; we might have a policy; we might have language that requests what's done / not done with these images/content; different levels of access ~ Admins, "members", tourons...
  • Audio / video? As it happens. iPod mic from wEtDiRt
    • People telling their first Gath story
    • Klick bringing a video camera

we took a tranimal break...

May Day

Sidthe to submit our application for table and renew hosting the block

  • We can gather @ Snake's
  • Do we want to be in the Community section of the parade? Carrying Snake's "2" and "5" from Habitat ~ bring it to our table.
  • WA will person table whole time so there's coverage.
  • Wearing silver encouraged!!!!

MN United for All Families

  • White Ash proposed that as an organization we submit the resolution against the amendment.
  • Also, they can use volunteers. Mecca is heading trainings for making calls; they want to reach 40,000 people so we can become the first state to overturn the amendment. Evidently it is a fun, intense (1.5 training), low-key shift.


Returning as Stew. Effective next Circle.


  • April 15 ~ check in of what we have gotten.
  • June 30th is absolute deadline to submit to Phoenix
  • This language is in the back cover of the latest RFD:
    Calling all the Walk Betweeners who have communed with us in the past 25 years.  Please share any and all memories and connections you have with Mother Kawashaway and the Northwoods Tribe.  We are specifically looking for content about the first two gatherings in Gordon, Wisconsin, the first gathering at Kawashaway, and Spirit Gathering. 
    The Northwoods Faeries are culling together all the Kawashaway-related submissions for the 2012 Fall RFD issue.  Submissions can be sent electronically to Phoenix & White Ash at RFD@Kawashaway.org.  If you're sending big-assed files, please zip 'em up and send via www.YouSendIt.com.  Please send to us no later than June 30, 2012.  Images must be at least 300 dpi to reproduce correctly for print.
  • TB to write intro language for them
  • RFD requests erotic, naked, (we're assuming men) imagery
  • Looking for high resolution current color pictures of the land; Ehsea has some amazing pix of the land
  • TB to contact Braeburn & Dragon
  • Submitting does NOT equal that it will go in. Ultimately RFD will decide / edit.
  • We are in the Spring's back cover (call for submissions) and next-to-last page (our ad for Silver Jubilee year). We'll be in Summer's front cover & ad in next issue. Then the Fall is the issue about us ~ would like to have an ad for selling the book in that issue.

Pledge Drive

  • We just sent 200 pledge cards with "cover letter" & 2012 calendars.
  • For info, pledge card, payment options, visit Land Account page
  • $ is good ~ give it us ~ pledge your life away. Do it fast, and don't make a fuss. There's a credit card* machine in the crack of Lillly's ass. *(AmEx not accepted)


  • Since the last circles, No One has come forward with a plan and to organize it.
  • Occupy Pride ~ if there is energy on the day, just jump in.
  • Idea ~ a faerie or two wears a table; 4 canopy carriers. Walk down parade. Come to consensus about where we're going next.
  • put www.Kawashaway.org on the big "2" & "5".

Spirit Call

  • We hope to design a Call this year.
  • WA can't remember all we came up with at planning Circle.


  • They are just waiting for the article to be written. Two Bears to check in with Tallgrasss and write / co-write.
  • Klick's Dinner Circle picture
  • 2nd or 3rd week of Apr would be nice

Lammas Call

  • Phoenix, redWing & WA have been working on it. Lilly to be in on the loop.
  • Silver stars on the envelopes?
  • Silver markers or stamps?
  • Option ~ white envelope ~ design & print in color

Financial Report

There was no financial report

Forward to Next Circle

  • Cabin tear down

Action Items

Action Faerie Accountable Due Date
Check w/ Tretter Collection for archival software recommendations & submitting to Tretter WA now!
Ask Scooter to bring check book to Archival Retreat WA now!
Submit resolution to MN United for All Families WA soon
RFD submission reminders / deadlines Phoenix soon
RFD intro / Lavender article Two Bears (checking in w/ Tallgrasss) early April
Silver stars Lilly April


Submitted by Kick Ash (roller derby name)