Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

Sunday April 15, 2012 – Vi's, Duluth

Next Two Circles

Tues May 15, 2012 7-9pm – Mpls – wEtDiRt's (byo lawn chairs)
3549 - 10th Ave S Mpls
Sunday June 17, 2012 3-5pm – Lilly's (to confirm) – Mpls


Kiva*, Lilly*, Oni*, Rocky*, wEtDiRt*, White Ash*, Teddy Bear, Vi, Earl the Pearl

* indicates Steward (6/10=quorum)

We related memories of Rose Petal. Vi made a yummy dinner, which was followed by video of Sal's Salmanella Cafe from the mid-90's. We all braved our souls in the ensuing tornadic rainpour and eventual snow storm.



  • 1st deadline has been met ~ beginning to collect artwork & content. We can use more! Send submissions to rfd@kawashaway.org. Talk faeries up to submit!!
  • Phoenix & White Ash will submit all (unless if there is an avalanche); up to RFD editors as to what is used, and how it is laid out.
  • Is there a theme? Only a loose one of Kawashaway, its community, and our herstory.
  • Idea for something to write: What is common to us that makes us unique from other faerie communities?

Archival retreat checkin

  • We have a solid beginning. Intend to configure it so that community members can log in and upload pictures / documents.
  • Lots of scanning photos & documents happened
  • Idea ~ once up and running, suggest a monthly theme to write on
  • Physical archive: we have a Chron archive (WA) / Rocky's box / E!'s box
    • don't need to hang onto multiples
    • Husk to help with how to organize / maintain
    • Perhaps a chron & another non-chron
    • Consolidate into one place
  • Some things to photograph:
    • Muso art piece
    • Daisy box
  • Wider community discussion / Circle
    • How to proceed / "finish", maintain
    • Not get bogged down in too many details / memories
    • Non-Kawashaway-centric ~ how much do we incorporate with our own?
    • Tretter Foundation ~ any of it to be kept there?

Cabin tear down

  • One idea ~ take roof off at Gathering with all the people available (and keep going?)
  • Would like to keep mirror wall up
  • Look into:
    • Wagons
    • Dumpster deli ever before Gath starts (?) & taken away after finished (could be where current wheelbarrows live)
    • Special saw
    • Gloves
    • Magnet
    • Chopper / scraper that cuts through nails
  • Empty shed into teahouse (for storage) along with stove etc.from Cabin
  • Tear rest of Cabin down at Woodcutter's Ball

May Day

  • Fees paid, table & block reserved, several attending block hosting workshop at HOTB
  • March in parade with Silver "2" and "5"? Perhaps 4 of us, since we have block & table

Selling / offering Faeries books

Need to find out how many we have (Klick, redWing, Miracle) ~ Rocky ~ put out a call to see if anyone else has copies.

Institutions (Tallgrass & Equus researching)

    • Library or youth groups ~ give away
    • We send a card or contact institution, and if they respond affirmatively, we send them and absorb packaging / postage.

Our community ~ $5 - $40

Selling to general public, on website, through ad in RFD:

  • "Published price of $40. We are requesting 10-$40 sliding scale + postage" (can order on website)
  • $3 (or so) book rate for delivery ~ could get some stamps
  • Padded envelopes (could be reused, if people have large ones)
  • Rocky to fill orders

Platform Proposal from Scooter

What works for us ~ replacing Mumsy's old platform way back there. Not taking up prime flat space. Scooter will use earth-friendly materials. It would be nice if anyone can use it when he is not using it.

Future similar requests from others ~

  • Where do you want to put it?
  • What materials are you using?
  • Are you funding / reusing materials?

When come into disrepair (liability) ~ we pull it up and burn it.

Annual sweep of the land to assess ~ talk about in Land Ladies Circle.

Online registration

Lilly & White Ash are working on bringing CiviCRM up to a point where community can log in, update their own contact info, and register for gatherings, which enables relatively immediate gathering directories for attendees.


Musing over Occupy Pride idea ~ a faerie or two wears a table; 4 canopy carriers. Walk down parade and through the grounds. Still not interested in paying for booth.


  • we need disco balls
  • really encourage to register
  • work on other doc walks
  • Call is at printers ~ we will need a LOT of help to assemble, stuff & mail. Perhaps combined with Faerie Spirit Gathering Call.

Financial Report

There was no financial report.

Submitted by White Ash