Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

Tuesday May 15, 2012 – WA's, Mpls

Next Two Circles

Sunday June 17, 2012 3-5pm – Lilly's – 3225 Garfied Ave #3 Mpls
Tuesday 17th July 7-9pm – Mpls – Scooter's (tentative)


Lilly*, Rocky*, Scooter*, White Ash*, Phoenix, E!

* indicates Steward (4/10=quorum)

German hors d'oeuvres were served ~ Quark w/ radishes


Memorial Weekend, Work Weekend Proposal

Screen House & Skullery repairs
Lilly & Scooter propose that we reserve mem wknd for replacing the clear panel roof on the screen house and skullery.
Materials needed:

  • 16, 2'x10' semi-clear panels
  • 14, 2'x12' semi-clear panels
  • 16' of corrugated flashing
  • 48' of 2x4 purlins we need to add more support for the replacement roof material.
  • 8' of 1x6 rough cut board and batten to replace the clabbord siding on the coffee station addition.
  • 4, 36" storm doors
  • move the white door to the out house

Scooter will be delighted if we get the roof done then we can move on to the projects below:
I am guessing that the roofing will cost about $1,000 the lumber about $150 and maybe $600-800 for the doors. we are looking at about $2G in materials.

  • Jack up the floor of screen house & skullery
  • Remove gyp board and insulation from kitchen
  • Install multiple towel bars
  • Repair all steps to the screen house
  • 32" rolling tool chest
  • 24" rolling tool chest
  • Add a faucet to the skullery sinks.
  • Replumb and rebuild lola & trixie.

There is the potential of replacing 150 feet of bogwalk on other parts of the land before or during gthering. Decking already purchased and on the land=7@10', 9@4', 15@3', 30@2'
Purchase a tent shed and build a platform for it. 8x8,8x10,8x12

Consensus: Okay to spend up to $2K on this list. If it's more, then we will come to consensus via email.

  • Clearing of tent spaces ~ downed trees.

May Day

  • We made lots of quality connections.
  • There was an inspiring ger (yurt) at the Wealthy Human Village. They want to use for fundraisers / awareness. Perhaps we can learn from them.
  • We are supposed to stay at booth till 7pm. Next year, firm commitments for put up / take down / tabling ~ 2 min at any given time
  • Block hosting is high visibility

P!!!!! Word

No one here at this Circle leading. Occupation is encouraged.

Lammas Update & Registration

  • Call:
    • Test @ post office for width, and actually send one
    • Monday 21st Call bedazzling @Rocky's @ 6:30pm ~
      *** please come and help!***
    • Ideally have registration online before mailing Call
    • We want redWing's invite envelopes
    • buy stamps
  • Menu to be mapped out @ Memorial Day weekend
  • Hook up with Spirit re: staples & large cooler ~> Tallgrasss
  • We may be needing some new coolers
  • Ice should not be prob this year from Trestle

RFD update

  • Need more writing!
  • Nothing on history so far (Two Bears?)
  • The first three gatherings interview ~ Phoenix would interview; transcription ideas
  • Deadline is end of June ~ post to YahooGroup
  • Connect w/ RFD to assure we are collecting content
  • Follow up w/ folks who have said they are contributing
  • E! had idea of something to submit

Fundraising ideas

  • Echo neighborhood sale
  • Film Clip Festival / Cut Uncut Film Festival ~ (how did the other Faes do it?) Maybe we don't even watch the film. It's all about the arrival. Anti awards ceremony. Runway for "Oscars". Silver Globes. Sections of movies. 15 megabytes of fame.
  • Pancake buffet à la Snake

Financial Report

None provided

Action Items

Action Faerie Accountable Due Date
Oni/Kiva Test generator to make sure works & ice check in Lilly May
Research how film festival was done White Ash May
Buy stamps Lilly this week
Contact redWing re: evelopes WA this week
RFD followup Phoenix May


Submitted by White Ash