Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

 June 17th , 2012 – Lilly’s, Minneapolis

Next Two Circles

July 17th , 2012 – Scooter’s House, Minneapolis, MN

August , 2012 – Lamas Gathering, The Sanctuary , Northwoods, MN


 Lilly*, Rocky*, Scooter*, Sidthe*, Snake*, wEtDiRt*, White Ash*, Ginger Orchid, Raises Gaze
* indicates Steward (7/10=quorum)
Follow up on Action Items from Last Circle


Faerie Accountable

Due Date

Generator Working



Film Festival


WA to continue to research. At Out Film Festival, 20 Lammas Calls were taken

Ice for Gathering – From Sue


Will complete when up North, end of June=


Roof Re-TOOL and Various other Land Info

Scullery Roof and the panels in the screen house over the kitchen have been replaced and are 99% complete. Let the Light shine in on all of us. They are amazing. Work was completed over Memorial day weekend.
Plumbing for Lola,Trixie and Blanch had been purchased – Needs to be installed
Plumbing for the Y off the pump has been purchased – Need to be replaced
Dumpster will be ordered for the End of July – In preparation for the Roof removal.
New plan for the Blasters to be moved to the other side of the screen house needs to be completed
Fix and repair the steps onto the desk around screen house.
Look for a list of items that we are in need of   - Rocky will email out.
Shakquetoe work will be done during gathering – Email has been sent out to notify folks of this.
Cabin Roof removal – We will be tearing the roof off the cabin at gathering (Monday is the planned day currently) We will not be able to store items in the cabin this year ( drums/personal items etc) please plan accordingly
Building of “cubbies” for storage of personal items on the lake side of the screen house

LAMAS 2012
COOLERS – We need to find the missing Coolers – Please email Lilly @ lillyxander@gmail.com if you are in possession of a Kasa Cooler – Several of them are missing  - We need to purchase some new ones if necessary – But several of them have disappeared.
Lilly and Rocky are your Co-Pantry Diva Bitches – Food preparation is coming along well. We will be needing volunteers to get items to the land, and make a run to the Co-Op during Gathering. WA volunteered to do a Costco run for the first part of Gathering. Ginger Orchid agreed to join in on that fun. We had a discussion about the raising of the daily fee and the process around that happening. Both Lilly and White Ash spoke to this, and apologized to the community for not bringing this up in the previous circle (We didn’t think of it and forgot) and not getting a consensus for this change. It was agreed upon that items with Time sensitive deadlines, we can make this decision via email with the Stewards. We also discussed to NOTAFLOF process and scholarship fund.
AUCTION for the 2012 Gathering – Is anyone interested it getting this going?? – This could be a fundraiser for the Gathering and needs a Fae to take charge of it. Do some preplanning – Please speak up and email the list to get this going and getting items donated etc…..Please speak up!!! We need your help with this.
A HUGE HUGE SHOUT OUT to Ms. White Ash for all the work on the Lamas 2012 Call and the Online registration – We would not have this with out all of Her work. It is amazing. If you could see all the behind (I have, it is hairy) the seen work that she did to make this happen. It is a service that we rely on to make our community function in the “cyber” world. She is priceless to us. SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!.
Extra Calls: We have a number of extra calls and we gave them out to various folks to get out to the community. WA will be mailing them to other faerie communities.

White Ash gave an update about the Spirit Gathering.
Low key promo again this year, July 1-6th 2012, so far about 8 Fae’s have said they are attending. Let Tallgrass email know, who is tracking for food purposes.

Financial Report

Non given

Submitted by Lilly of the Valley of the Dolls