Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

Tues July 17, 2012 – Scooter's, Minneapolis

Next Two Circles

August 2012, day tbd – Lammas – Kawashaway
time to schedule the upcoming year!


Ehsea*, Lilly*, Raising Gaze, Rocky*, Scooter*, Sidthe*, Snake*, wEtDiRt*, White Ash*, Zucchini

* indicates Steward (8/10=quorum)

We sat out on the 2nd story porch and drank thirst-quenching beverages.



  • 3 or more coolers were missing; 3 have reappeared; Snake, WA & Husk will bring up + large white one; bought 4 new medium blue ones (in red)
  • Getting food up: have not gotten enough response around getting foodstuffs on the land for Gath. Reimburse Rocky & Lilly for gas to get dry goods up (since they will be going up an extra time) - around $60. Stews present consensed to reimbursement.
  • Menus are set and streamlined. Already have volunteers for about 6.
  • 30'ish have registered; many for the whole thing. Coming from all over the States and one from Canada. A nice amount of pre-payments have come in.
  • Makin ice at Trestle currently is still not an option. Buying loose ice from there is possible. Blocks of ice from Finland Coop. Idea: in the future, buy Sue a chest freezer for out back and pay for electric?
  • 2 GF peeps (one of which doing his own). Most of the meals will be GF. If someone wants GF baked goods, then they need to bring the ingredients.
  • Tumbleweed picking up mid-week order; possibly Kiva & Lilly picking up the Friday order
  • Ingredients are cheap, simple, good. We started pretty fresh this year with ingredients.
  • Dumpster will be in the parking lot starting next week. Flat roofing takes priority.
  • Oni took all scrap metal, combined with his, and the funds covered his gas.
  • Proposed tentative schedule:
    • Sat - Welcoming Ritual
    • Mon - Cabin Roof Removal
    • Wed - Community Circle morning
    • Thurs - State Fair Dinner Night (e.t. on a GF stick) & Blow The Roof Off the Mutha'
    • Fri - No Talent
    • Sat - Ritual de Bye Bye
    • Auction? When???
  • Call out to the community for things we need:
    In cleaning out the tool shed we took a loose inventory and here are some things we could use if you have them to donate:
    • metal leaf rake
    • long handled shovel
    • hacksaw + blades
    • box cutter/Stanley knife blades
    • Scissors
    • empty spray bottle
    • T25 star bits (where do these disappear to?)
    • big strong wooden spoons
    • short candles for new lanterns
    • candle sharpener (for resizing candle bottoms)
    • bales of straw for compost covering

    We are good for dishes (no more shelf space).

  • Miracle working on getting 12 new bakery buckets (Ehsea has an idea, if he is not able)
  • Other "temp" jobs will available once on the land
  • Big propane tank
    • is it leaking?
    • is regulator not working in the sun?
    • did someone on the land not turn it off completely?
    • let's all keep an eye on the situation
  • **Dock Bog Walk needs immediate attention with stop gap** for Lammas Gath!!
  • YOOHOO GRRRRLLLENE!! Just a reminder that the roof is coming off the cabin, so there will be no storage of stuff like drums, drag etc. anywhere but your tent.

Hard Long Wood

Snake knows of buliding in St. Paul from which we can obtian massive amounts of Birdseye Maple floorboards & Douglas Fir floor joists, if we like. He has gotten permission for the faeries. Must be removed on 28th of July. We just need to supply person power. Can be stored in his garage. Agreeing to help / show up were: Ehsea, White Ash, wEtDiRt, Raising Gaze?, (guesstimate needing two more definites)

The energy seemed to be that if we had a specific idea of what to do with these materials on the land, we would jump on this. However, with the Cabin coming down now and our thought of going a year or two without a structure in the permaculture way, the timing is not lined up. So we're going to pass on this lovely opportunity rather than risk a lot of work that possibly ends up going next to nowhere. Drats!!


Doing well with imagery, prose (+ a couple songs). Would like more article-like writing. 20 July is our hard deadline. {from WA ~ if you are still interested, even after deadline, please let me know}

Work Weekend

Several ideas to discuss for one / some upcoming work weekends (including Woodcutters Ball):

  • Some big rocks have been removed from the paths. Now we have divets in the trails. Discuss woodchips vs. gravel, ecological standpoint and erosion of our trails.Class 5 gravel for Sanctuary end of Bogwalk. Use for fill in on Main Drag.
  • Need Trial Mamma's - ritual rock, all paths
  • **Stop gap for Lammas: Couple bails of straw (also for compost bin)**
  • Dock Bog Walk needs replaced

Spirit Gath

  • Would have been nice to have more plans. Or a plan.
  • Lots of rain & scary storms
  • 12 attendees
  • Ritual ~ Drawing Down the Tranny Moon
  • Considering changing the date {WA internally combusts}

Community Outreach

  • Clare Housing congregate dining (community meal like at K'way). Looking for volunteer groups of 6 or so to serve pre-made meal once a month.
  • Opp to cook meals at different homes.
  • Fashion Opportunities
  • Could combine serving with our Community Circles or Fae Cafés or Heart Circles
  • Radical idea - let's volunteer for an organization that is way out of our comfort zone, supporting them in a way that is humanitarian (and not for their personal gain, especially against queers). Force ourselves to step outside our queer ghettos, and expose those radically different from ourselves to the Fae wayz.

Veggie Bus

wEtDiRt left, so we tabled this item.


Fae Café happening every Mon in July at Seward Coop (not Café!) eatery area 7-9pm

Financial Report

Ehsea provided a financial report. Expenses since last report:

  • roof, pump Y & plumbing, bogwalk, all Spirit Gath expenses, initial Lammas expenses, IKEA scullery lamps (seasonal) for doing dishes (can return in 90 days)

Forward to Next Circle

  • Woodcutter's and / or Trail Maintenance Weekend / Ritual Rock path
  • Main Drag - gravel vs. woodchips
  • Dock Bog Walk replacement - how do we want to do it?
  • Veggie Bus
  • Archival Project check in
  • Propane tank check in
  • Balancing Community Circle agendas with freeform
  • Future Community Circle dates

Action Items

Action Faerie Accountable Due Date
Straw bales for Lammas fae early Aug
Planks on Dock Bog Walk for Lammas fae early Aug


Submitted by White Ash, sweating from all this hard long wood talk...