Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

Wednesday August 8, 2012 – Lammas @ Kawashaway

Next Two Circles

Sunday, September 16 3-5pm @ Snake's
Tuesday, October 16 7-9pm - tbd


Dragon, Firefly, White Ash*, Klick, Scooter*, E!, Florabell, Rocky*, Griffin, Touch, Zebra, Ehsea*, RainDancer, Redwing Blackbird, Braeburn Blue, Oni*, Lilly*, Foxfire, Husk, Sidthe*, Two Bears, Gypsy

* indicates Steward (7/10=quorum)

    Land Issues- ideas- Lilly

    1. Woodcutters- possible projects?
      1. Ritual Rock Path need maintained.
      2. Path maintenance in general.
      3. Cabin- tear it down
      4. Replace dock walk or do that in spring?
    2. White Ash and Oni
      1. Fall 2012 (Woodcutters)- Tear down cabin
        1. Rent chainsaws to saw into pieces
        2. Tie beams could be repurposed- Pine
          1. Could be used as benches
        3. Burning the cabin
          1. Need a permit and to tell people that it will happen
          2. Call Sheriff and Cook County
          3. Pending snow
      2. Fall 2012 (Woodcutters)
        1. Shack-toe- finish it
          1. Half a day project.
          2. Box in the eves and put drop edge on
          3. Sister boards?
        1. Double teaming
          1. Team Shack-toe
          2. Team Cabin
      4. Trail Maintenance Weekend
        1. No date picked
          1. Continuing circle trail- never completed
            1. Extend loon lane to screen house
            2. We could start marking it now- is their interest in doing this now (no response)
            3. Do not cut trees down that are thicker than your wrist—For trails- never cut down trees that are thicker than your thigh.
            4. Consensus reached- let’s do it.
      5. Spring 2013- dock walk
        1. Repeat the process of the bog walk
        2. Start closer to loon lane
        3. Get rid of the pieces of bog walk on Loon Lane- and just go with a solid bog walk
        4. 2 feet wide and over water it should be 4 feet wide
        5. Little more gap between the bog walk to allow water drainage
        6. The pilings are fine- need to be leveled off.
    3. Main Drag (clearing to bog walk)
      1. Gravel or woodchips?
        1. Snake has filled in many holes already.
        2. Needs more organic material because it is just mud.
        3. Team of Faes could take Gravel from Gravel pit for free.
        4. Spot fill with Gravel – CONSESUS REACHED
      2. Parking lot to bog walk needs to be less steep of a grade.
        1. Landscape timbers
        2. ASV instead of skip steer (?)
        3. Ball park estimate
          1. 10 yards of pit run- $120-130
          2. 10 yards of class 5 - $350- just dumped
          3. for skid steer - $50-65 an hour
            1. couple of hours- $180
          4. Cedar - $550
        4. When- easier to do then in the spring- Oni
          1. Everyone is booked.
          2. Oni will chat with Brad, Jeff, or Eric
        5. Budget- consensus reached
          1. $2,500- budget limit
        6. Oni- localizer
        7. Lilly- check-in
    4. Opening up view of the lake from the screenhouse on the right
      1. Make it more breezy and less buggy
      2. Later- we should clean it up
      3. Side project
      4. Consensus reached.


    1. Tool shed
      1. Scooter has been schlepping his tools back and forth from city
      2. Proposing that we build a small shed to store tools in-
        1. combination lock on in
        2. closet for Garden tools- not locked
        3. 8x8 building
        4. fold-up table inside
      3. could we repurpose the teahouse
        1. not build something else but just throw a lock on this
        2. table saw would not be able to fit through the door- Scooter
        3. Turning the teahouse into a space with cubbyholes (open locker system –
      4. Scooter just wants a concept agreement. – Consensus reached- Concept approved.
    2. Storehouse
      1. Land use items
      2. No porn, books, or drag


    1. Consensus reached
      1. Spend $50-60 on each.
      2. Need to brought in from outside
      3. Lilly will purchase

    Veggie oil powered bus

    1. Ending the conversation.

    Update on archiving.

    1. All is under control
    2. Husk is scanning.
    3. Need to make an interface so people can upload their photos and search to the website.
    4. Taking things off yahoo and hosting it ourselves.
    5. Husk and White Ash to discuss Yahoo.

    Buying Klick’s book from the website

    1. Sell for retail- discount only to the community
    2. $40- Rocky will ship it out.
    3. Only 5,000 copies of the book made
    4. Use the internet and Facebook instead of RFD

    Photo Policy

    1. Closed group on Facebook
    2. Ask permission.


    1. September 16 – Sunday 3-5pm @ Snake's
    2. October 16 – Tuesday 7-9pm
    3. November 18 – Sunday 3-5pm
    4. December – skip
    5. January 15 – Tuesday 7-9pm
    6. February 17 – Annual Circle - Sunday most of the day - @ E!'s?
    7. March 19 –Tuesday 7-9pm
    8. April 21 – Sunday 3-5pm
    9. May 21 – Tuesday 7-9pm
    10. June 16 – Sunday 3-5pm
    11. July 16 – Tuesday 7-9pm
    12. August – @ Lammas Gathering
    13. Community Circles
      1. Need to be more engaging and not just be about business
      2. Getting to know ourselves and each other
      3. Three people are usually really engaged with the project and the rest are glazed over.
      4. Sidthe- last two new faeries came to the Cirlce and they were all business – the people felt isolated.
      5. Lilly- we had more of a balance in the past.
      6. Limit time on business.
      7. Begin and end with a spiritual thing
        1. White Ash wants this to happen but does not want to focalize because he wants it to be more than just his vision
        2. Sidthe wants this too.
        3. RedWing- let’s make it faerie.
        4. Pass on ritual skills
          1.  Lead a grounding, breathing, skill sharing

    Ehsea – financial report

    Ehses provided overall financial report, and latest Lammas expenses and income.

    Land Use

    1. Not build anything to replace the cabin for a year.

    Community outreach as a group

    1. Provide people with a meal – Lilly’s work.

    Increased fees

    1. Lilly and White Ash decided to increase the fees on the call.
      1. Email went out ot stewards- they discussed it via email.
      2. Talked about it at community circle
      3. It was poor decision making.
      4. Stewards were concerned about the processs
        1. They either agreed to raised it or stepped aside.
      5. Costs of food were up last year.


    1. Last buy happened.
    2. Food has been taken for meals.
    3. Trying to buy local eggs- if you want to make something special- please tell pantry divas before gathering.
    4. Lilly would like to train someone to be pantry diva.
    5. Used Super One this year and saved money


      • In old days 25% would pre-register- this time 95% did.


      Submitted by Husk