Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

Sunday September 17, 2012 – Snake's, Minneapolis

Next Two Circles

Tues Oct 16, 2012; 7-9pm – Mpls – Lilly's
Sun Nov 18, 2012 – Mpls – White Ash's


Lilly*, Scooter*, Snake*, White Ash*

* indicates Steward (4/10=quorum)


Archive Storage

  • For now, the hard copy bin and chronological accordion to be stored at Snake's.
  • It is agreed by Husk and us that chronological for all makes sense, so interspersing bin with accordion at some point. Scooter has a metal sorter we can use.
  • Some (most?) has been scanned. Husk to share that with us (WA), and we can put online for our private access.
  • Will take some discernment to decide what hard copies can be returned to the Mother. Good archival weekend activity.
  • Idea to have an archival weekend every spring until we feel up and running.
  • One aspect of this is to research and pool all ongoing consensed policies / guidelines ~ be they for gatherings and non-gathering times on the land, community-wide ~ so they can be in one place and easily accessible to all community members.



  • Lean-too has been torn down (saved metal roof)
  • All salvaged lumber has been de-nailed and secured
  • Concrete footings have been dug up
  • Plywood moved and ready for sawing
  • High fire danger just now

Agenda for Woodcutter's Fri Oct 5th thru Mon Oct 8th:

  • Scooter & Lilly will take lead on Shackteau
    • Rafters need to be extended
  • Cabin cross beams can be saved or not (made into pagoda or???)
  • Saw rest of cabin into burnable pile. See if we get snow & ice for burn in winter. Some could be stacked behind cabin location, at Lola / Trixie, fire circle.
  • Woodchipper for clearing out lake view

Coming (that we know) - Scooter, Lilly, Snake, Monkey?, Kiva, Rocky, White Ash?, Oni.

Interested in coming? Contact Scooter.

If stays small, we will all bring foodstuffs / produce to share. Staples are up there.

If bigger, we can schlep out bog and dock walk pieces, spread gravel.

Do other weekends for trail maintenance, dock walk (requires pre-ordering of supplies), opening the lake view more,

Oni will report back on grading at Woodcutters.

Mud Pit

Where the cabin stood, there is a possibility for mud pit. Since we are waiting a year or two before building a new structure, this could be a fun feature ~ perhaps the only sanctuary with one? Scoping out feasibility at Woodcutters.


Lilly keeping eye on Costco for Thanksgiving.

Gathering Follow Up

  • It's been more than a month, and we still don't have directory. WA waiting on spreadsheet from Two Bears.
  • Pushing pre-registration was super effective - let's do that for ALL gatherings

Electronics at Gathering

This was a very digitally intensive gathering. Cell phones, cameras, video, apps, electronic music (BFP, Tear the Roof Off, Sacred Dance). Klick checks in with people first and / or has releases ~ the rest of us??

  • Are there issues? For individuals? For all?
  • What happens when we get cell phone coverage on the land?
  • Do we resuscitate our "policy" / guidelines, tweak it, make it more b/w for people?
  • We strongly feel that we want to call a community-wide electronics use discussion circle. Perhaps if we keep business down, this could be topic at next Community Circle.


We discussed the ramifications of this year's BFP and will be talking with the hosts.

Financial Report

  • Ehsea provided reports on Lammas, Spirit, & Accounts. Lammas was very financially successful. Spirit Gath lost money for the 2nd year in a row. Our accounts are in good shape.
  • We discussed reporting in-kind contributions from community members.  It would be good to track this somehow, so we know the real costs of a gathering, and affect on our overall budget. 
  • We got Sue a Shopko gift card and Scooter reimbursed Lilly. She was very grateful.
  • Does it make sense to invest some of our money in something with even better returns than CD? Consider most conservative route - a guaranteed rate of return.

Forward to Next Circle

  • Electronics Use discussion

Action Items

Action Faerie Accountable Due Date
Check in with Two Bears re: Lammas spreadsheet for directory Lilly done
Remind Ehsea to transfer % of Lammas after expenses to Land acct WA done
Ask Ehsea re: reporting on in-kind contributions WA done
Contact a financial planner. ?? ??


Submitted by White Ash (fka Flash Dance)