Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

Tuesday January 15, 2013 – Scooter's, Minneapolis

Next Two Circles

Sunday February 17, 2013 – Annual Circle, Minneapolis – Scooter's House 11am - 4pm, potluck
Tuesday March 19, 2013 – Minneapolis – Scooter's


Oni*, Rocky*, Scooter*, Sidthe*, Snake*, wEtDiRt*, White Ash*

* indicates Steward (7/10=quorum) all Stews ~ wow!


We began with 3 ૐ's, after several (in)appropriate Jesus jokes.

Annual Circle

Could be at Scooter's or E!'s Summit House party room.

Proposed agenda items:

  • Fun / connecting / spiritual stuff
  • Steward declarations & the "officers"
    (Rocky will be gone and announced his renewal at this Circle)
  • Retrospective of 2012
  • 2013
    • Cabin is gone; what to do with the hole? Flatten or mudpit? Yurt?
    • Electronics on the land
    • Upcoming gatherings and gatherettes
    • Archive check-in ~ next steps


When is last time it was tested and what for? It's been a long time ago, tested for what County required. If you want to test for more, need to pay for it.

  • Consensus - let's spend the $ to test (re-test?), including items Oni & Kiva deem worthy.

Electronics on the Land

Disco & BFP; generator; solar battery & lights; laptops; cameras; tablets; stereos; (noisy, bright, flashy) apps

Pictures / videos easier and easier to publish

Phone & data service very likely coming to the land.

Practical uses: registration, directory production, research projects...

We are "away from"; a value to stay "away from"; sanctuary

Picture & videos "policies"; In car in parking lot? Tent?

Volunteer Opportunities

Aliveness Project ~ we could do the waitressing / dishwashing to help with their fundraiser. Scott to keep Sidthe up to date on eta, etc.

Claire Housing ~ we help prep, serve meals & clean up; possibility to meet afterwards.


Was chock full. It's ass was dragged off the land. Bill paid. Future ones will not need to be so big and costly.

Financial Report

Provided by Ehsea

  • Has anyone continued contributing to Land Acct?
  • Lammas 2012 report, including In-kind ~ is that possible?

Action Items

Action Faerie Accountable Due Date
Test well water Oni & Kiva Spring
Ask Lilly stat on Claire Housing volunteering she'll read the notes... now
Email announcement of Annual Circle to last two years of Gath attendees WA soonish


Submitted by White Ash