Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

Sunday June 16, 2013 – Finger's, Minneapolis

Next Two Circles

Tuesday July 16, 2013 – Minneapolis – Lilly's
August tbd 2013 – Lammas Gathering – Kawashaway


White Ash*, Peregrine, Finger, Karma, Martha, Rocky (the cutie dog)

* indicates Steward (1/8=quorum not met)

Follow up on Action Items from Last Circle

Action Faerie Accountable Due Date
Improving grade from parking lot so stops washing out (we consensed to $2,500 at Lammas) Oni ~ appt set with contractor June
Freddie Mercury ~ WA sent email to Snake, Braeburn, Finger WA, Snake, BB, Finger
Electronics on the Land proposed policy/guidelines ~ WA sent reminder email to Lilly, Eureka, Two Bears Lilly, Eureka, Two Bears soon
Blasters ~ still need to be bought Lilly soon
Research & get together items for Lola Trixie project Scooter going up end of month to install soon
Getting well retested Oni & Kiva ~ problem with testing container, so will be redone before Spirit Gath
Design Call Rocky, Lilly, White Ash sent


Heart Circle

When Finger offered hosting last one in Snake's place, no one showed up. Might be nice to have another one on 3rd Monday or some day like that to balance with 1st Friday. Several expressed not being available 1st Friday's.

Spirit Gath

Call on Spirit Gath website is up.

11 yes's & 4 maybe's

  • Peregrine willing to help out with preparations (but not lead anything)
  • Karma willing to rent car to go up on Saturday 29th before Gath for non-perishables food run (possibly offering early ride to other[s])
  • Transportation ~ we only know of two cars going up, and a possible third. We need to get people and foodstuffs up.
    • Skyline Shuttle to Duluth $35 or $60 roundtrip
    • Greyhound $30;
    • Jefferson Lines $25-30
    • Ace Van Rental Airport has 12 passenger vans for 1,067/week & a 7 passenger mini van for 800/week.
    • Hire someone from Duluth to shuttle us to K'way, or rent a van between Duluth & K'way
    • Load up one car with non-busable items
    • Who do Mecca, Sky, Teddy Bear, Vi, know? Wasn't there a guy from Northland Men's Center interested in becoming involved?
    • Craigslist car share ~ we could put an ad if someone wants a jobette chauffeuring us / our stuff
  • Food shopping & delivery
    • We need Costco membership
    • Karma can offer Hour Car for errands
    • Peregrine can be extra set of hands
    • Someone's truck?
  • The few active planners are intending to email all the yes's & maybe's to start a discussion on food and transport possibilities.


Lilly, Rocky & White Ash produced & sent physical Call. Virtual Call in progress.

Financial Report


Action Items

Action Faerie Accountable Due Date
Get pulse of when folks might like an additional non-Friday Heart Circle Finger soon


Submitted by White Ash