Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

Tuesday July 16, 2013 – Finger's, Minneapolis

Next Two Circles

August ??, 2013 – Gathering – Kawashaway
{next year of Community Circles to be scheduled at Gathering Community Circle}


Rocky*, Scooter*, White Ash*, Rascal, Sidthe, Finger, Martha; Justin (hot interpreter), Cat (dog)

* indicates Steward (3/8=quorum)

We began by making larger than life gestures, and some signing of names. We topped it all off with Finger's wonderful oatmeal-cookie-like piecrust with blueberries ~ NOM!!


Lola, Trixie & Blanche

Scooter installed the new pipe-based support system. It is FAAAAAABULOUSSSSSSSS. Should last 4evuh.

Lammas Gathering

  • Attendee suspects: Sidthe, Dragon, Two Bears, Rocky, Morningwood, E!ureka, Drummer, Ehsea, Oni, Kiva, Klick, Sally Pop, Florabell, Idabell, Suedwind, Uschi, Salamander, Pink, Happy
  • Sidthe & Martha agreed to Pantry Diva (sssssssssss). Thoughts:
    • Would be nice to get basic ingredients (if not all) in Cities at Costco/Aldi/etc.; option of buying produce / dairy once up there
    • Planning food for 30-40 people 2 meals/day + breakfast stuff & extras
    • All the coolers are at Scooters ~ 2 big white, 4 medium ~ need to be brought up with or without foodstuffs
    • White Ash & Suedwind made inventory of Pantry / Kitchen. Martha & WA have digital versions.
    • Scooter scored 4 2-dozen big-assed muffin pans
  • Proposed Lammas Community Circle agenda items:
    • Schedule next year of Circles (not on Father's Day in June)
    • Techno on the Land
  • Dragon is concocting a 12' x 16' lawn awning / shelter to create a shade and dry zone.
  • Klick, who is making short movie re: K'way, asked about videotaping a Heart Circle. Feels too private / sacred, sets a precedence. Could it be a Salon (no talisman, crosstalk okay, not heart circle space)? Need clarity of what we all want.
  • Rascal donated a tent that can be used for hospitality.
  • Does anyone have a screen tent we can borrow for Lammas?

Faerie Spirit Gathering

  • Since next to no one had been on the land due to the extended winter, there was a good 1.5 - 2 days of work at the beginning of FSG.
  • 6-7 at beginning; 11 at maximum. First time for Rascal, Finger & Cat. White Ash was only full-time attendee (Kiva came now and again) who is also a Stew. Taking pause as to what that means, if anything.
  • Mosquitoes were worse ever.
  • Meadow was gorgeous with flowers. Lawnmower stopped working. Do we have a scythe? Couldn't find it.
  • Swimming docks got swapped
  • 2 Heart Circles, a Salon on future of Faeries, Ritual, Tarot Card workshop

Mowing the Clearing

Depending on season, could we cut once, and leave it go till after Spirit Gath in the future, then cut again before Lammas? If too tall, becomes too hard to get it down. Also when wet, anyone who walks through it drenched from waist down. Attempt to leave as much as possible for Lammas. Email from Snake ~ consider less mowing is more at Lammas.

Well Water

Has been tested for various creepies. It is clean!!

Heart Circle

Finger has been putting feelers out. Considering hosting an additional one not on Friday night, like 3rd Monday.

Financial Report

Ehsea provided reports for all accounts and for Faerie Spirit Gathering 2013, which was in the black this year.

Action Items

Action Faerie Accountable Due Date
Lawnmower ? before Lammas
Blasters ? before Lammas
Costco etc. run Scooter & ?? before Lammas
Come to Jesus call to action for Lammas Rocky this week
Registration, Payment, Rides email White Ash this week
Shackteau doorknob Kiva before Lammas
Buy Screen Tent, if we can find someone to haul it up (Oni & Sidthe?) {check out Thrifty Outfitters for last ditch effort to repair broken one}
Scooter before Lammas
Ice ~ get 2/3 total of containers in freezer Kiva & Oni before Lammas


Submitted in blueberry by White Ash