Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

Sunday February 23, 2014 – Annual Circle @ Scooter's House, Minneapolis


Ehsea*, Equus, Finger, Karma, Gryphyn, Monkey, Scooter*, Snake*, White Ash* & two lovely sign interpreters - Steve & David

* indicates Steward (4/8=quorum)

foodstuffs: Fabulous Buffet-ham, cabbage salad, apps, chocolate lasagna, green salad, sparkling ciders



The following Stews renewed their pledge for 2014 - 2015

  • Rocky (via email)
  • Oni (Co KOBN) (via email)
  • Kiva (via email)
  • Ehsea (KORB)
  • Scooter (Co KOBN)
  • Snake
  • White Ash (KORD)

There were no new Stewards declared.

2013 in review

  • Lammas & Faerie Spirit Gathering
    • Amazing food at Lammas
    • Lack of stewards in attendance at Lammas
    • Smallest Lammas gathering in history, 20 attendees
    • No formal pantry diva
    • Communication could be better
    • Transportation the issue concerning attendance/need volunteers to provide rides
    • Suggestion of renting a shuttle service from Duluth to the Land with a specific schedule
    • Spirit Gathering, Klick offer her van for use
    • Snake suggested renting a vehicle around gatherings/Snake to research
    • Medical incident at Lammas
    • Monkey suggests Shakteau as medical tent if needed
    • Liability insurance
    • What is coverage?/Stewards to address
    • Build “cabinettes” on land-tent sized or bed cupboards
  • Woodcutters
    • Snake only attendee/cut up gable ends of cabin
  • Rekindle Faerie Spirit Gathering
    • Miracle kept communication open/called circles
    • Past had more focus, rituals, circles
    • Scooter suggests another firewalk
    • Rehab sweat lodge

Increasing membership

  • Have a theme or purpose for each gathering
  • May Day 2013
    • Block was good. Sisters were present. Chalk was fun.
    • Info booth a bust. WA manned all day. Little participation
  • Be at Pride/booth?
    • Challenges:
    • Too commercial a setting
    • Increasing cost to participate
    • History of poor treatment by Committee
    • Need a leader to step up and do the work prior to event/not last minute
    • Monkey expressed interest
    • Other Pride suggestions
    • WA-Walk the parade only
    • Scooter_Make Tshirts “Ask Me About Kawashaway”
    • Mass wearing by Fae at Pride fest
  • Ambassadorship
    • Equus: educate youth @Rad Fae
    • History of Fae, attract more youth to membership
    • Quatrafoil History group/find out about participation
    • Speakers and presenters
    • Pride Institute wants us to come speak about our spirituality
    • Fashion op
    • Check with local school groups
    • Attend Big Gay Conference
    • WA-create an Ambassadorship
    • Klick's movie
    • Scooter expressed interest
    • Monkey-find a focus for outreach work


  • Archival Weekend in Wisconsin - schedule another?
  • Vision-o-rama/see archive on website
  • Suggestion: Make goals-focus on one project at a time

Personal electronics on the land at Gatherings

  • Monkey-very unhappy of recent experiences
    • ½ gathering at Trestle charging batteries
    • Caused big disconnect from gathering
  • Finger-check with other faerie group for their policy
  • Equus- need to be present at gatherings, electronics put people off, can’t connect with them
  • Finger-restrict use to parking lot
    • Intent of use? Ok if to facilitate interaction?
  • WA-gray area
    • Key boards? Movie? Electronic music ritual?
  • Scooter-put something in the Call
    • Leave electronics in car/use of land
    • If boundary is disrespected/deal with it on the land
    • Discuss in Circle-raise consciousness
    • Don’t be a cop
  • Snake-no conscious discussion on camera use
    • Consider privacy issues
    • Digitization makes images easy to publish on social media or internet
  • WA-put out the intent
    • Please respect or need to address this
  • Gryphyn to research other Sanctuaries
  • Snake-Reflect, discuss, why any electronics at all at Gathering? Create policy?
  • WA-need to address social media

Financial Report

  • 2 CD's due next year
  • Land Account - 30% of profit after cost of gathering
  • Increase in property tax-Ehsea to find more info

Forward to Next Circle

  • Law of Attraction process
  • Post Cabin
  • Dock Walk-Loon Lane/Chipmonk Crossing
    • Replace timebers?
    • Same distance as Bog walk
    • Make narrower than Bog walk?
  • Reset dock
  • Snake-improve dock?

Submitted by Gryphyn