Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

Sunday September 21, 2014 – Duluth MN Mecca and Skye’s Abode

Grateful for Mecca and Skye for hosting and helping to feed everyone (yummy)

Next Two Circles

Sunday November 16, 2014 – Duluth MN Teddy Bear’s Abode

Sunday February 1, 2015 – Minneapolis, MN – Scooter will host the Annual Circle


Ehsea*, Kiva*, Scooter*, Snake*, Eureka!, M.T., Earl, Teddy Bear, Karma, Mecca, Skye and Emerald.
* indicates Steward (4/7=quorum)
Follow up on Action Items from Last Circle


Faerie Accountable

Due Date

None that was remembered




Check-In By All in Attendance

Opportunity to share/check in prior to rest of the Circle

Steward Intentions

Opportunity was given for any fae present to declare their intention to step forward as a Steward – effective next circle

  • Teddy Bear and Eureka! Both declared


Open the floor to talk about lack of monthly community circles since last Great Circle

  • There have been informal meetings of stewards discussing issues like taxes and insurance and land-use
  • Request made for more consistent circles to allow for more discussion and communication regarding the going’s on.

Spirit Gathering

Thanks to Raising Gaze and Perry for focalizing this non-gathering Gathering.

  • Lots of work got done
  • Good participation – everyone pitched in
  • Thought to move this Gathering/Non-Gathering time to Memorial Day weekend (fewer mosquitos). Further discussion in upcoming circles

Lammas Gathering

Thanks to Snake for focalizing (and Snake thanks Firefly for the same)

  • 33 in attendance
  • Pot Luck style pantry went really well = not much spoiled food
  • Only two ice trips to Trestle
  • How much should we forward to Sue/Trestle for their warm/cold hospitality? Ehsea is looking into what we have paid before. Oni will also inquire (volunteered by Kiva)
  • See below about Shak-Teau

Land Use

M.T. was invited by Kiva to discuss some opportunities available via Lake County regarding Fire-wise Grants and wildfire fuel reduction efforts underway at nearby Wilson Lake.

  • Much discussion about how this would work, who would be doing clearing, what would be cleared, what would happen to the cleared wood, etc.
  • MT is going to provide to the Community a topographical map of Kawashaway for future land use.
  • Discussion about the additional clearing done around the cook house. Request made to have more community input prior to further clearing.
  • Discussion and consensus to designate the area around Lola, Trixie and Blanche, as well as the Parking Lot, smoking sanctuaries.
  • Further discussion at upcoming circles

The Shack-Teau

The Shackteau is under quarantine until next spring, due to a possible infestation of bed-bugs during Lammas Gathering

  • We know that a person that used the Shackteau had recently suffered an infestation at their home. It’s uncertain if the infestation was transferred to the Shackteau. Consensus reached that something needed to be done.
  • It’s not feasible to heat them out (desiccation)
  • The frigid weather should kill them
  • Use the Shackteau at your own risk until next spring.
  • Discussion about personal responsibility and the duties and responsibility of Stewards as they become aware of situations. Room for improvement

Woodcutters 2014

Discussion about current place of Woodcutter’s on the calendar, and should we move it to September (better weather). Decision to move Woodcutter’s 2015 to some weekend in September.

  • Objectives for Woodcutter’s 2014:  Move upper fire circle to lower fire circle. Discontinue use of upper fire circle. Clear lower fire circle to at least 30-foot diameter. Fell dangerous/dead trees, and close up shop for winter.

Financial Report

Ehsea provided remote report via cell phone call.

  • Both Spirit and Lammas made money this year, although not as much as previous years. There is money in all accounts (except for Lammas, which rolls back into another account).

Forward to Next Circle

  • Your loving attendance

Action Items


Faerie Accountable

Due Date


Snake Focalize

Before October

 (Please reply if there is any information I missed)
Submitted by Snake