Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

Sunday February 8, 2015 Minneapolis @ Scooter’s

Next Two Circles

April 26 in Duluth?

Pre Mayday Parade at Snakes May 3

Sunday May 10 2015 in Minneapolis location tba Scooter's

Dock construction starts the last week of May?


Confirming stewards who were present: Twobears, MT, White Ash, Rascal, Snake*, visiting guest, *Scooter, *Kiva, *Ehsea, *Eureka (There were more people present but I can’t remember everyone.)
*indicates current Stewards
Follow up on Action Items from Last Circle


Faerie Accountable

Due Date

Action Dock & walkway cost estimate

fae Scooter

Date May10






This map will help us determine where new structures ought to be built and exactly where existing structures are located on the land we own.

  • MT presented a wonderful map of Kawashaway with contour lines every 2 feet
  • Scooter hopes that using this map we are able to build a scale model of Kawashaway

Project Proposals

  • Replace the dock and walkway to it, is the next project construction starts in May?
  • A second dry and bug free gathering space. In the short term this could be the screen house that Ehsea has offered for sale.
  • Jack and shim the Cookhouse and scullery to level.

Building community

Commentary from Scooter: It seems based upon our history that having a project to focus on “constructing the bog walk for example” goes a long way toward building community. A, Build it and they will come, kind of phenomena.

  • Perhaps fundraising for specific items such as a Sauna and then following through with construction via group consensus will be the process that helps to solidify an emerging community.

Electronics on the land

Other topics discussed:

  • Electronics on the land. We leaned toward keeping private use of electronics out of the public spaces i.e. the clearing etc. And strongly encouraging people to leave their electronics in their vehicles or at home.

Bad Behaviors

How do we deal with bad behaviors in a community setting?

  • We request that visitors to remain on their scheduled medications and refrain from drugs and alcohol while attending the gathering.
  • Visitors should treat each other in a manner that they expect to be treated.
  • Report violations to stewards when they happen and then stewards respond accordingly. We have a Conflict Resolution policy to guide us.
  • from WA: We spent a fair amount of time discussing and how younger faeries do not seem to return to our Tribe. This could likely be because they are not feeling completely safe and welcome. A culprit could be unchecked predatory sexual behavior. A perfect time when the Conflict Resolution could help us grow.

Those who were present please chime in. PS based upon followup research and conversations since August 2014 there is no reason to believe that there are bed bugs in any kawashaway structures.

Submitted by Scooter