Kawashaway Community Circle Notes



Circle Date
Sun., October 4, 2015 – Scooter’s, Minneapolis

Next Two Circles
Sun. 10 January, 11:00 am – Lilly's pad, Minneapolis
Sun. 21 February 11:00 am – (location TBA)

E!ureka*, Rocky*, Lilly*, Snake*, White Ash, Scooter*, Raising Gaze, Panther. 
* indicates Steward (5/8=quorum)


I. Old biz - Googlegroups - Lilly report next month
Insurance - Eureka report next month on question of D&O liability
Labor day - no one on the land
Lamas directory has gone out to all who attended in 2015

II. Land insurance proposal
Teddy in Duluth has located an underwriter, can write insurance $1M liability (up to two occurrences per year), $5,000 medical. Premium $300 first year, $265 expected for second year. Teddy proposes to pay for the first year as a Stewardly contribution for the year. Seeking a second stew to split the contrib the second year. Consensus to apply!
Teddy needs address for bill mailings, and the fire number for the sanctuary for the policy.
E! would like a photocopy of the policy, for helping shop a D&O policy.

III. Finance Report
No update/changes since last month. 

IV. Socializing/Circleizing in the cities
Kinsey Sicks - Happened!
Cockettes - this coming weekend, Oct 8-11 in the T.C.
3rd Thursday get-together - Oct 15th at Leather & Latte, after worktime - 7:00pm.
Faerie White Elephant party - Maybe? December?

V. Woodcutters
Woodcutters will be Oct 10-12th. Several faes intending to go. Scooter, Raising Gaze, Bruce, Rascal, Sky, Mecca, Panther. Some will be there 3 days, some shorter.
Heard from Kiva that propane is out, again. About $100 for a refill. Two burner stove can be workable w/ small tank, until the big tank gets refilled.

Dock project - one support box (crib) already in the lake, some supplies on the land for a second support box. Should be doable to build in a weekend. Scooter will need to buy 2x6 framing lumber and decking. Estimate is $700 for materials. Consensus to spend.

Scooter has a new tent that is easy to set up, large footprint, has lots of screen windows. Testing it out as a possibility for a common tent space.

->Tasks - Finish dock. Close up for winter. Clear trails, continue to reduce balsam between cookhouse and lake, open the viewshed. (August 2012 circle consensed to clearing the view/balsam reduction).

We might want to re-open the Land-use committee, look at the plan again and discuss at the Annual Circle in April. Also need to update and digitize “how tos” for opening/closing seasonally, how to do the gas, maintain the well pump, etc. Faes at Woodcutters asked to make notes of what gets done to help fill out the ‘to dos’ list.

V. Annual Circle, Community Circles, & other dates
Sun. 10 January 11:00 am. Lilly's pad.
Sun. 21 February 11:00 am (location TBA) planning for April circle - subject: where do we see the community
Annual circle in April, start planning in Jan/Feb.
-> Land use circle to look back on where we left off (see pink pages for land use plan parts that were adopted) - @ Scooters on Mon, Nov 16, 7:00pm

VI. New business
Possible: Archiving weekend pt. 2?? About 3 years ago we had an archive weekend that started digitizing some of our history, photos, records, arts, stories. The digital archive is out there, has what has been captured but not updated since the archive weekend.
Would be interesting to archive faerie biographies, too.
Hope that googlegroups can organize our images and history better than yahoo (which was built for dialup and doesn’t seem to have been updated).

Also: there is a yurt at REI that folks can go check out what the space it like. A yurt could be a great circling space, overnight sleep space, needs to be taken down for winter due to snow load.

Add advisory to Yahoo group and FB group that images are private/do not share. Something like: “Images are for our private enjoyment and not to be shared, copied or reproduced.”

Submitted by E!ureka