Kawashaway Sanctuary Governance Docs


Project Policy


We acknowledge our desire to have a community full of the vibrancy and constructiveness that result from intention and accountability. Lacking a formal process (at this moment) to set community-wide intentions for our vision and accountabilities for our actions, we nevertheless feel we need a process to provide for these two values in the ongoing projects we engage in at Kawashaway. 

The Project Proposal process will be used when Kawashafaes want to undertake any project which:

ē requires spending Kawashaway funds of $500 or more
~ or ~
ē involves changes or additions to the land.

In addition, there may be other projects which the Stewards and Friends decide should go through the process at their discretion. 


  1. Faerie/faeries get a light under their panties and want to do something. They circle, they meet, they have an idea.
  2. They complete a Project Proposal form and contact the Keeper of the Royal Beads so it can get on the agenda of the next Community Circle. If there isnít a Circle soon enough for the proposal to be considered, one will be called within 30 days. These faeries might also talk to a few Stewards first to get feedback on the plan and advice on what should be in the proposal.
  3. At the Circle, the Project is discussed and consensed, or not. The budget will be consensed to, and a Steward will be assigned to serve the project teamís Coordinatrix as liaison. 

Project Questions

Please include in the proposal for your project the following items and answer all the questions below.


Project name: 

Coordinatrix (who is in charge/who will we hold accountable):

Project team (who is helping):

Projected date of completion:

Total funds requested:


Complete description of the project (proposals that will impact the land should include photographs or drawings that show what the proposed changes will look like, and consider the impact on the land that canít be seen with the eyes):

Budget (materials and services needed should have written estimates at the time of presentation to the Circleóno exceptions):

Other community resources needed (Gatherettes, people, etc.):

How does this project contribute to the community and the land? How does it call faeries forth to be more who they are? Is the community on board with this at the level they are needed?

What accountabilities will the project team commit to? For what does it need the Stewards and/or community to be accountable?

Anything else?