Faerie Space Is Growing Space… it is a place to take risks, to open yourself, to take off the masks you wear out in the world, to find the edges in your life and fiercely look at them and feel about them, to tell someone your horrible, awful truths, to get naked: physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and be surrounded by those who are doing the same — all of which can be liberating, and therefore healing.

It is a place to let your self play dress-up, to sing & dance, to color & paint, just like when you were a kid, OR, like you WISHED you could when you were a kid and weren’t allowed. It is a land of “both/and” rather than “either/or”, a land of paradox: butch men in frilly dresses, nellie queens chopping wood, stoics who pour their hearts out, hopeless romantics who silently meditate, they all co-exist here.

It is a place to share your stories, talents, skills and wisdom, free from limitations or unasked for judgment.

Faerie Space is a place to shed your shame, to nurture self-esteem, to take your own power, to let your fae-self “out of the box/closet/walls” and shine forth in all it’s glory!


it’s majikal — not mysterious

You are a being of talent, energy, vision, and that peculiar fashion sense — unfolding into authentic joy and deep connection with self and others. You follow where your heart guides you. Kawashaway is a place where you can leave your stressful job, unemployment, body shame, matching clothes, and former boy/girlfriend.

There you can find the company of other fab fae spirits, undertake the transformation you envision, and play, Play, PLAY! This is your time to find the divinity within and let it shine. We gather together to manifest magic, but there’s no mystery about how we create it. The Gathering happens for everyone, and with the help of everyone. YOUR initiative and YOUR help make the Gathering happen.


an event of events

While there is no master plan or schedule for the Gathering, there is no shortage of planned activities — planned in advance or simply in the moment. There are workshops and heart circles, the auction (remember your treasures, gifts and talents) and Betsy’s Quilt Raffle, rituals of hunger and celebration, the No Talent Show, the Orange Party and drumming and dancing nightly, around the fire.

Events at the Gathering may explore trips to the Temperance River, the mysteries of healing mischief or holy pranks, horny compassion or blasphemous reverence, crazy wisdom and outrageous love. Come kick your own ass, wash your own brain!


first among divas

While there is no shortage of divas at Kawashaway, first among them is our Lady of the Larder — the Pantry Diva. The Pantry Diva is responsible for keeping track of food needs and food use — making sure that we have all the foodstuffs we need when we need them.


being a mom — army boots not required

So your mother wears army boots. Well, okay, maybe not your mother. But at Kawashaway, our Moms — those who volunteer to lead a kitchen crew in preparing a meal — may wear army boots while tending the stove or barking orders (sweetly) to their assistants.


do not fail to bring

a rainproof tent; sleeping bag or bedding; willingness to chip in and help; flashlight and extra batteries; fabulousness; rain gear, including waterproof boots or shoes; warm clothes; extra socks; love; mosquito repellent; ideas and materials for fun things to do.


you might consider bringing…

A shiny outfit for glitter night; drums and other acoustical instruments; that orange number you’ve saving for the Orange Party; possible props for the No Talent Show, ideas for workshops…


girl, you’re crazy if…

  • You assume that you have no power — the Gathering is what you make it.
  • You keep food in your tent (bears don’t know how to use zippers).
  • You don’t come because of money (no one is turned away for lack of funds).
  • You stay away because your medications need to be refrigerated (they’ll be okay).
  • You are not careful on the driveway in a low-slung car.


what’s for dinner

There will be plenty of wholesome foodstuffs available. Food is covered by the registration fees you pay. Everyone will pitch in to help prepare vegetarian meals and to clean up in order to keep the kitchen gods happy. Feel free to supplement your diet in any way you need, however refrigeration is extremely limited. (Priority is given to medications and perishable food purchased by and for the community.)


how do i get there?

When we receive your registration form, we will send you a welcome packet which will include a map and directions to the Sanctuary.


please, please pre-register

You must, dear, simply MUST pre-register (using the registration sheet enclosed). Your early registration helps ooodles in our planning and helps us to make sure we have enough food and space for everyone. The suggested pre-registration fee is $25 plus $12 per day for each full day that you will attend. (Registration at the Gathering is $50 plus $12 per day.) If you are unable to pay the full amount, please pay what you can. If you cannot pay now, send in your registration form anyway so we can count you. No one will be turned away due to an inability to pay. If you have questions or special needs, please ring Miracle at (612) 721-5851.


the fine print


Tents are the thing. There is very little indoor sleeping space, which is made available on the basis of need. If you require special accommodations, please contact Miracle at (612) 721-5851.


Parking is limited (as are petroleum and oxygen), so carpooling is encouraged. If you need a ride or would like to offer a ride, please check the appropriate box on your registration form.

heart circles

Are an integral part of gatherings. This is a time when faes gather to create sacred space in which our hearts may open — allowing the feelings, thoughts, revelations, meditations, concerns and cares to flow forth freely — one person at a time. And remember, you are the one that can call a heart circle whenever you feel the need.


Are honoring the sacred aspects of life are to be expected and encouraged at Kawashaway. Come prepared to create your own rituals for yourself and others. This is a time to celebrate the spiritual side of your being and so, bring the tools and ideas that will create that special celebration. A long-standing tradition of Kawashaway is to have a ritual opening and closing for the annual Gathering.

timely advice

Many find the carrying and observance of time pieces to be disruptive to their experience of the rhythm of the land, earth and air. Watches and clocks are not forbidden, but many among us discourage their use at Kawashaway. Simply put, if you must announce the time, please do so in French.

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