Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

January 17, 2010 – Hummingbird's, Duluth

Next Two Circles

February 27, 2010 – Annual Circle, Minneapolis – location tbd – 11am - 2pm
March 21, 2010 – Community Circle, Duluth – Mecca's – 2-4pm


Augury*, Braeburn Blue*, Earl the Perl, Gary, Hummingbird*, Kiva*, Mecca*, Teddy Bear, White Ash* (+ cavorting with Denise & Susan)

* indicates Steward (6/17=quorum)


Land Purchase

Fundraising campaign is on track, and donations are coming in as pledged. Thank you everyone!

There has been a shift at FCD with the pass-thru process. We are in communication, and all checks are accounted for.

Needing to look at other options for financing. Suggestions from the Circle:

  • North Shore Federal Credit Union
    • If we put down more, what would Credit Union need to approve loan?
    • Become member of Credit Union, and deposit some / all of our money to qualify for rest of loan (might even get annual rebate)
    • Call out to our community to see who would feel comfortable being on the Note (may involve switching around officers)
  • Shop around:
    • Grand Marais State Bank
    • Quorum-member institution
    • Others
  • Other options:
    • Pursue foundations and use FCD for 501(c)3; PFund, Headwaters, Northland Gay Men's Center person
    • Call out to our community if someone(s) are willing to finance and we pay them back
    • Ask for loan from Eureka's friend (or someone else) and pay them back

Wright's have been on the land, got rid of some junk, and made some "repairs". New roof on cabin is not really an improvement, except maybe esthetically.

Would someone(s) feel called to Dadelising a fundraiser for Spring Equinox ~ Saturday 20th March or so? Ideas we've had:

  • EqiNoxema ~ a day of pampering spa treatments à la Jacques Salon
  • Event @ Saloon (Thunder)
  • Boylesque ~ Peat Moss
  • Polly FunkChanel, Ireland's Next Top Burlesque Star
  • Snake spanking

Please contact us, if you are the one(s)!

Annual Circle

Saturday 27th February ~ 11am - 3 pm ~ location tbd

  • space for event (White Ash)
  • email "hold the date" & anyone wanting to spearhead potlck & final details (Mecca)
  • agenda
    • Brunch-luck with delightful conversation
    • Quick heart circle
    • State of the Skirt Address
    • Renewing / announcing Stewardships
    • Naming the "officers"
    • Consensus on Land Purchase (to find out specifics in advance, please contact a Land Purchase Circle Grrrrrl)
    • Readers Theatre ~ Recollect through 20 years of owning the Sanctuary


  • Pantry Diva(s) ~ Lilly (we believe she is co-Pantry Diva??)
  • Registrar ~ Sterling has said he would be willing to work with the new online system, CiviCRM, to be Registrar. White Ash will help.
  • The Call ~ We think Sterling expressed interest?

Spirit Gathering

Set for 1-6 July ongoing:

  • July 4th for the most part is not a biggie to faeries
  • Built in holiday for 9-5'ers
  • For quite a few years, falls well with weekend
  • 1st and 6th avoids 4th traffic
  • Loon counting project
  • Monthly rhythm of Memorial Day, Spirit Gath, Lammas Gath
  • Warmer than Solstice
  • Bugs are unpredictable, and it's silly to plan around them

This year, the Spirt Gath starts on Thurs 1st July and ends on Tues 6th July. Come come come!

Financial Report

Provided by Ehsea ~ blessed be the KORB and our collective abundance

Forward to Next Circle

  • See Agenda for Annual Circle

Action Items

Action Faerie Accountable Due Date
Look for space for Annual Circle White Ash asap
Communications for Annual Circle Mecca asap and up to Annual Circle


Lovingly submitted by White Ash