Kawashaway Community Circle Notes


Circle Date

Tuesday August 10, 2010 – Lammas @ Kawashaway

Next Two Circles

Sunday September 19, 2010 @ 2pm – Minneapolis – White Ash's
Sunday October 10, 2010 @ 2pm – Woodcutters Ball – Kawashaway


Drummer, Ehsea*, E!ureka*, Fire-Fly, Griffin, Kiva*, Lark, Lilly of the Valley of the Dolls*, Loki, Oni*, Otterly, Panther, Rocky*, Salamander, Scooter*, Snake*, Tallgrasss, Thunder, Topsoil, Two Bears, White Ash*, Zebra

* indicates Steward (9/15=quorum)


Financial Report

  • Ehsea provided
  • $105 from Spirit Gath acct to pay for propane

Bogwalk Replacement

  • Considering dock system ~ replace with a couple of sections at a time. Ability to easily (one person?) raise & adjust each metal fitting separately as ground shifts. Durable indefinitely, with only decking in way future needing replacement.
  • Cedar decking 2'/6' (5' wide)
  • 1/2 @ Woodcutters, 1/2 in spring
  • Possibility for swim deck too
  • Cost estimates to come from Oni / Scooter

Land Purchase

Letter has been sent by Davis (lawyer) to new owner named on property. Property does not appear to be on the market.

Keeper of the Royal Dish

Lilly stepping down and looking for replacement now. WA would help with legacy training. Interested? Please contact Lilly & WA.

Saloon Fundraiser

Thunder is lead, along with Monkey; Loki & WA willing to help organize. Looking at November. Requires month to plan / promote. Northwoods theme?

Scheduling Community Circles

Sterling scheduled the last 12 months, with different days of the week to accommodate different schedules. Now trying (for the most part) 19th of each month for 6 months. If weekend, @ 2pm. If weekday, @ 7pm. Check in at end of 6 months.

  • Sunday September 19 @ 7pm~ Minneapolis ~ WA's
  • Sunday October 10 @ 2pm ~ Woodcutters @ Kawashaway
  • Friday November 19 @ 7pm ~ Duluth
  • Dec ~ skip, unless feels necessary
  • Wednesday Jan 19 @ 7pm ~ where?
  • Saturday Feb 19 @ most of the day ~ Annual Circle ~ where?

This is not completely fleshed out and needs to be finished ~ would be nice to post on the website under "Calendar". Or would someone like to propose a different schedule?

Project Proposal Policy

  • Reminder ~ process is in place for projects ~ simple form, submit to Stews minimum 30 days in advance for consensus @ following Community Circle.
  • Set for cost of $527.33 or more ~ this was a funny ha ha fae amount, which was difficult to find on the website. Therefore, we consensed it be updated to a boring memorable number ~ $500 ~ and that it be changed to the online policy on the Pink Pages.
  • WA requests that if need approval in less than 30 and / or before next Community Circle (as in, this is such a great deal, we can't pass it up), please submit a project proposal to all Stews via email for online consensus.
  • Note ~ "large" amounts of money under $500 and / or "significant" changes to the land would still merit consensus.

Garage Sale

Wolf & wEtDiRt to hostess, in honor of Willow. Or have it at Saloon sometime? Who would be the organizer(s)?

Radical in Faerie


Stewards Commitment / Accountability

Check-in re: quorum. Currently 15. Quorum has been reached at Community Circles. Reminder of what is agreed to in Steward pledge, including attendance.

General Announcements

  • Heart Circle first Fri @ Snakes.
  • Fae Gettogethers happening on Wed's ~ has been Birchwood ~ might change.

Forward to Next Circle

  • Complete scheduling Community Circles
  • "Radical" in Faerie (wEtDiRt)
  • Garage Sale ~ is this happening or not?
  • Ideas from Welcoming / Inviting Circle

Action Items

Action Faerie Accountable Due Date
Bogwalk cost estimates Oni / Scooter soon
Saloon fundraiser organizing Thunder & Monkey w/ Loki & White Ash now thru early Oct


Submitted by Lilly & White Ash (sisters of a cloth)