Lammas 2012 Silver Jubilee

Do Do's



Tents are the thing. Kawashaway offers a rustic, primitive camping environment. Showers are a communal effort of pumping water from our well into Lola & Trixie (two large tanks) that get heated by a woodfire. There are two outhouses on the land.

Special needs accommodations & the Shaquetoe

Our very little indoor sleeping space is only made available to those who truly need it. The Shackteau Frau, which this year is Sidthe, is coordinating communications amongst all that need special accommodations. We don't currently have a precise procedure for scheduling stays in the Shackteau. Those fitting the category of needing special accommodations will figure out amongst themselves who stays where & when. Please remember during Gatherings capable faes cannot expect to stay in the Shacteau, as during Gatheting times it is designated for special needs faeries. Additional special needs (electricity, daily housekeeping...) may also be arranged with our neighbors at Crooked Lake Resort.

Hospitality tent

Come prepared. We often do pitch one hospitality tent, which is intended for a one-night late arrivals. Do not count on this tent being available when you arrive nor on multiple night stays in it.


Parking is limited, global warming is a pain in the ass, and gasoline is depleting and expensive, so carpooling is encouraged. If you need a ride or would like to offer a ride, please check the corresponding box on the registration form. We have a ride coordinator that can help.

It's radical to pre-register!

Spontaneity rocks...and planning creates the space that nurtures it. We've said it elsewhere, and we're saying it again: please pre-register as soon as you can — online. Can't pay now? Register now anyway, rather than later. Really.

How do I get there?

If you need a map and/or directions to the Sanctuary, be sure to request it while registering. The Sanctuary is around a 5-hour drive north of the Minneapolis - St. Paul International airport and around a 2-hour drive from Duluth.