Lammas 2012 Silver Jubilee

No No's

Unwelcome Behaviors

  • Firearms - Possession of any kind of gun at the Sanctuary is unacceptable. Guns are dangerous and unnecessary at Kawashaway. Hunting is not allowed at Kawashaway. Toy guns are discouraged.
  • Violence - Physically striking or in any way assaulting people or things (other than your own possessions) is unacceptable. The following are also considered violent: intimidation; stalking; defacing or destroying objects, nonconsensual sexual behavior; verbal, sexual, and emotional abuse. Violence is not tolerated against plants, animals, facilities, or the land. Consensual S&M activity should not be construed as violent.
  • Theft - Taking things that belong to others, or which belong at the Sanctuary, is not acceptable. If you want something, ask; anything else is dishonest and disrespectful. Fires - Forest fire is a danger anywhere in the Northwoods.
  • Fires are only permitted in designated places. Open fires are not allowed at campsites. Candles at campsites must be in enclosed containers.


In a spirit of respect for the peace and sanctity of individuals, no pets are allowed at Kawashaway during the Gathering.


A chemical-free environment is encouraged.