Lammas 2012 Silver Jubilee


How much green is needed?


We intend for the gathering to be financially self-sustaining. We request a registration fee of $50 plus $25 for each full day of your attendance. Please pay more if you can to help others in financial need be able to attend.


We want this event to be accessible no matter what an individual fae's ability to pay. So notaflof ~ no one turned away for lack of funds. If you are hesitating to register based on your finances, honey, just sign up — pay a little, pay a lot, pay now, pay later.

Contribution calculation

  • Registration fee: $50 one-time
  • Full day fee: $25 / day
  • For online paymets, you may optionally add in a processing fee.
    Figure 3% + 30¢ of your total, or intuit your own amount.
  • More if you can; less if you can't.


By mail

  • Make your check or money order out to "Kawashaway Sanctuary"
  • Write "Lammas 2012" in the memo line
  • Send to:

Kawashaway Sanctuary  
c/o White Ash
3365 St. Louis Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55416